Abort SCOTUS (& Charge Barrett & Kavanaugh for Deception during their Confirmation Hearings)

Today is June 30, 2022. It has been a week since the announcement of the overturn of Roe vs Wade.

It has taken me an entire week get far enough into my processing to be able to express my feelings coherently.

I began writing about this topic last spring when SB 8 was passed in Texas. “My Breakup Letter to Texas” & “Fuck You Greg” are quite relevant today. #turntexasblue #Beto2022

My specialization in DBT and clinical emphasis on personality disorders have given me the opportunity to work with many adopted individuals over the years. My understanding of disorders of attachment and complex trauma makes my opinions on these matters grounded in scientific facts:


Forcing women to act as incubators for 9 months against their will sets a child up for physiological disadvantages throughout life (fetal exposure to alcohol and narcotics, fetal malnourishment, improper medical care during pregnancy, etc..). Even babies that make it through gestation unharmed have exceptionally high odds of experiencing CPTSD. It’s the inevitable outcome of fucking with primary attachment.

I have been pre-grieving for weeks. Self care is necessary in times of spiritual attack, and I knew it was necessary to increase intentional investment in my own wellbeing. When the decision was initially leaked in May, I booked a ketamine booster session. Before my appointment, I cried alongside the doctor who owns the clinic. Two women who have dedicated our life to healing, devastated to find ourselves in a world with less rights than that we entered.

We knew it was coming.

AND the news was still completely DEVASTATING.

I happened to be on the way home from Restorative yoga when I saw the announcement. The well of emotions that flowed through me when only seconds, before I had been in such a beautiful peaceful state. Let’s just say that was a complete 180 for my nervous system.

I am angry, livid, enraged.

I am also full of grief.

At this time, though, I will continue to stoke the anger as my primary emotion. Sadness is an emotion of stillness. Anger is an emotion of action.

Anger will be the driving force behind this movement. We will push back against injustice and oppression. Our righteous feminine anger will fuel the dismantling of the systems of capitalistic oppression.

White supremacy, misogyny, patriarchy, colonialism – the ways of old are dying. Let our anger be the sword that beheads these dinosaurs. From our sacred anger can be born a renewal of earth and its peoples.

It is a sad, sad day to be an American woman. But we will not stay sad for long. Across the country the streets are filled with women. Listen to their words. There is power in our voice. There is power in our numbers.

For my ladies who are stateside, DO NOT FORGET – WE OUTNUMBER THEM. We have ever since the 1950’s. At least 51.1 percent of the population in 2022. What are we doing submitting our beautiful Goddess vessels to their insanity? NO MORE!! Justicia!!

In case it is not abundantly clear, I will not be celebrating July 4. Why would I as a woman?

For all my Texas women. I see you, I am here for you. I will always support your rights to bodily autonomy. They can enact unjust laws. We will not allow them to break our spirits. Healthcare is a human right. Do everything you can to protect your vessel in these times. Know there will always be resources, they may become harder to access. We will need our sisters in the upcoming months more than ever before.

Sending love, light & strength in these trying times,

P.S. My LPC license is up for renewal in August and I will not be renewing. I have no interest in being an agent of a state that is actively at war with my gender. Nor will I be a mandated reporter of laws that target my community.

Just in case you need further convincing that things are broken in the US:
14 Sings of Fascism in Early Stages by Holocaust Museum

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