Vulnerability Factors of the Holiday Season

As a neurodivergent individual, I have a love/hate relationship with the holidays. I enjoy what I refer to as the *shiny factor* of this time of year – lights, decorations, presents & holiday music can all bring a smile to my face. However, without fail, by January 1st I tend to be over-socialized and onContinue reading “Vulnerability Factors of the Holiday Season”

DBT Skills for the Holidays

I originally composed this series in 2018 as an 8 week psychoeducational group to provide extra support for my clients during the stressful season. I also filmed it that year (why my introductions still label me as a therapist). It’s an opportunity to see pre-dreads Jamie 😁 The series breaks down some of the mostContinue reading “DBT Skills for the Holidays”

How About a Side of Self-Compassion for the Holidays?

This time of year can be especially overwhelming for neurodivergent individuals.  Take the demands of normal every day life, add in the million extra holiday based activities and compound that with family expectations/guilt.   By January 1, my ND crew tends to be teetering on burnout (which is so not the mood that we wantContinue reading “How About a Side of Self-Compassion for the Holidays?”

Accumulate Positive (Short Term)

I realized this morning, that I’ve never shared any of my Youtube videos on here. This week my clients are learning about Accumulate Positives in the Short Term. This Emotion Regulation Skill is designed to help you increase resilience by creating intentional practices of self care that reboot your emotional batteries. Also, I’m giving upContinue reading “Accumulate Positive (Short Term)”

Abort SCOTUS (& Charge Barrett & Kavanaugh for Deception during their Confirmation Hearings)

Today is June 30, 2022. It has been a week since the announcement of the overturn of Roe vs Wade. It has taken me an entire week get far enough into my processing to be able to express my feelings coherently. I began writing about this topic last spring when SB 8 was passed inContinue reading “Abort SCOTUS (& Charge Barrett & Kavanaugh for Deception during their Confirmation Hearings)”

5 of Last Year’s Biggest Lessons (& how they’re changing my reality in 2022)

Last year was a tough year for me. Life brought me to my knees. I found myself in the depths of burnout I did not believe I was capable of falling into at this point in my journey. I naively though I had “skilled” & “healed” myself far enough along my journey, that I justContinue reading “5 of Last Year’s Biggest Lessons (& how they’re changing my reality in 2022)”